ARNFArapaho and Roosevelt National Forest (US Park Service)
ARNFAntibiotic Resistant Neutropenic Fever (infectious diseases)
ARNFAlways Remember, Never Forget
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Geological Survey's 10-meter digital elevation models (DEMs), and soils databases, congruent with the slope and gradient databases, were extracted from a soils database built and maintained by the ARNF.
The predicted road routes created by the process just described were then compared to the actual routes of the newer road of each road pair When comparing gravel road routes in the ARNF area, Dean (1997) considered two routes to be similar when (1) more than half of the lengths of both routes are within three raster cell widths (in our case, 30 meters) of the other route; and (2) no portion of either route is more than 10 cell widths (100 meters) from the other.
The ARNF data used in this study did not allow us to validate this approach (the ARNF data do not report the cost of constructing individual roads; instead, they report costs in terms of contracts, each of which involves the building of multiple roads), but this approach is entirely consistent with the mathematics of the model.