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ARNGArmy National Guard (aka Army Reserve/National Guard)
ARNGArmy Reserve/National Guard (aka Army National Guard)
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In addition to working in closely related civilian jobs, our Reserve and ARNG MI warrant officers often possess a significant amount of real-world deployment experience or detailed knowledge about a particular country, theater, or region.
Put differently, the percentage of the total Army budget attributed to the ARNG and USAR would be higher if the portion of active appropriations in the base budget spent on the RCs were included in the calculations.
New mission command organizations would be sourced and fielded from current major subordinate command formations and the relocation of active USAR and ARNG personnel, Department of the Army (DA) civilians, and military technician billets.
Dental readiness care was being delivered by FEDSHEAL for the USAR and by FEDSHEAL and direct contractors for the ARNG.
Fortunately for the BCT, maintenance units at both the organizational and DS levels had a core of experienced, full-time maintenance technicians who were able to bring their traditional ARNG Soldiers up to MOS proficiency after they arrived in Iraq.
On a broader scale, to effectively engage in the GWOT these ARNG state-level WANs need improved connectivity with other DoD commands and federal government agencies.
Both USAR and ARNG have plans to transform their forces and management to meet new demands.
tells the ARNG story, much like a major corporation reports to its stockholders, and
Talent management within the USAR and ARNG presents a high degree of difficulty as well.
As a result, AR MI units previously aligned to ARNG divisions and brigades were inactivated and new ARNG MI units were created.
Phase I (nonresident online): Phase I is limited to USAR and ARNG JAs who have successfully completed the Judge Advocate Officer's Basic Course (JAOBC) and the Judge Advocate Tactical Staff Officer Course (JATSOC).
Army commands, Army service component commands and direct reporting units will make formal evaluations on their next lower commands (division and/or corps) annually for active Army, and bi-annually for ARNG and RC.