ARNMAustralian Rural Nurses and Midwives
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The ARNM appealed this decision; the appellate court upheld the
in their challenge of allegations by the ARNM that these companies had
upheld the ARNM determination that these group distribution companies
The ARNM ceilings do not provide any benefit to the ultimate consumer, which is charged at market prices by the distributors.
These charges come after lengthy civil court litigation between PKOP and the ARNM in relation to civil claims relating to the same essential facts.
PKOP initiated legal proceedings to annul the ARNM claim and
the court of first instance reduced the ARNM claim to approximately
court judgment upheld the ARNM determination that these distributors
of the ARNM and sent the case back to the Astana City Court for a new
in Kazakhstan and which supported the views of the ARNM at the
The Supreme Court hearing for the ARNM claim of $91.
In a similar case in November 2003, allegations by ARNM of unjustified revenues of about US $31 million against one of the same distributors were overturned by the court.