AROADAfter Receipt of Approved Drawing
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AROAD safety campaign will go direct to students at sixth form colleges in the North East in a bid to educate boy racers about the dangers of drink driving.
AROAD victim killed just days before his daughter's 15th birthday was described by his family as a "loving husband and doting dad" yesterday.
AROAD traffic policeman accelerated to 94mph seconds before he hit and killed a 16-year-old Hayley Adamson, a court heard.
ARoads which, as it pertains to the modern rivalry between the two, have been winding for well over a decade.
Surface water may affect motorways and major Aroads so we advise drivers to move slowly through any standing water and test their brakes once they're through before continuing to drive.
Equipped with air suspension and adaptive damping - a pounds 1,200 extra - the M-Class handled the fast twisting Aroads with aplomb.
I had to find an alternative way home because there were jams all along the Aroads connected to the A49
Those car owners who drive only a few thousand miles a year, avoid Aroads with high accident rates and drive outside peak hours could well save the most.
His encyclopaedic knowledge of England's motorways and Aroads is merely a by-product of his number one love, Tranmere Rovers.
If deemed successful, the scheme would be extended to Aroads across Cheshire and eventually applied to the remainder of the county's road system.