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ARORAccounting Rate of Return
ARORAverage Rate of Return
ARORAnnual Rate of Return
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Aror described those who throw such accusations as "tendentious", saying they have taken negative stances towards the national dialogue initiative.
Estimated coefficients on the variables AROR and APPOINT were negative in both cases, TABULAR DATA OMITTED but only significantly so in the polynomial hazard model.
This indicates that BUDGET contributes the greatest amount of explanatory power and AROR the least amount.
The deputy leader of the opposition Reform Now Movement (RNM) , Hassan Osman Riziq, told Sudan Tribune that their decision to dismiss Shuaib and Aror is valid.
The news forum will be addressed by Chairman of the committee for the eulogy, Abbas Idris Jfer, the Chairman of the Justice Party Yasser Yahia Salih Abdul-Gadir, and the Political Secretary of the party, Bushara Guma'a Aror.
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