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ARPAddress Resolution Protocol
ARPATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) Rendezvous Pre-development
ARPAntenna Reference Point (global positioning system)
ARPArapahoe (SIL code)
ARPAutomotive Racing Products
ARPAnti Revolutionaire Partij (Netherlands)
ARPAssociation of Retired Persons (UK)
ARPAluminum Racing Products
ARPAuteurs, Réalisateurs, Producteurs (French: Authors, Directors, Producers)
ARPAntiretroviral Therapy
ARPAseguradora de Riesgos Profesionales (Spanish: Professional Risk Insurance)
ARPAirport Reference Point
ARPArea Redevelopment Plan
ARPAnother RDF Parser
ARPAgent de Recherches Privées (French: Private Investigator)
ARPAssociation de Recherche sur la Polyarthrite
ARPAutoradiopuhelin (Finnish: Car Radio Phone)
ARPAverage Retail Price
ARPAbsolute Refractory Period
ARPArt of Record Production (Conference)
ARPAmerican Research Products, Inc.
ARPAccidental Release Program
ARPAmerican Recording Productions
ARPAménagement des Routes Principales (French: Arrangement of Main Roads)
ARPAlliance for Retirement Prosperity
ARPAustralian Reform Party
ARPAffected Relative Pair
ARPActive Reservation Protocol
ARPAnimal Resource Program
ARPAntenna Radiation Pattern
ARPAccreditation Review Panel
ARPAssociated Reformed Presbyterian Church
ARPApprentissage par Résolution de Problèmes
ARPAuxiliary Register Pointer
ARPAssisted Rental Program
ARPAutonomous Reuse Partitioning
ARPAlan R. Perlman (founder of ARP Instruments)
ARPAccount Reconciliation Plan
ARPAncillary Radiometric Product
ARPAnti-Radiation Projectile
ARPAsset Recovery Program
ARPAction Replay Pro
ARPAmbulance Radio Programme (UK)
ARPAcquisition Requirements Package
ARPAlternate Release Procedures
ARPAlgorithm Research Panel
ARPAustrian Railway Pictureteam
ARPAssociation for Rational Psychology
ARPAssociate Reserve Planner
ARPAutomatic Rapid Processing (algorithm for generating cross-section libraries to use with ORIGEN-S)
ARPArmy Radiation Permit
ARPair refueling point (US DoD)
ARPAlmost Regular Permutation
ARPAnalisador de Redes de Petri (Portuguese: Petri Net Analyser)
ARPAllocation and Retention Priority (3GPP policy)
ARPAbsorption Refrigeration Plant
ARPAuto Rétro Passion (French automobile club; Mauges, France)
ARPAlarm Response Procedure (various organizations)
ARPArchitecture Professional Studies
ARPAutomotive Repair Parts
ARPAtlantic Regional Panel (JOIDES)
ARPAge Replacement Policy
ARPAbsolute Return Pool (The Investment Fund for Foundations)
ARPAIDS Response Program
ARPAmphibious Reconnaissance Platoon (US Marine Corps)
ARPAccountable Representation for the People (Australian Reform Party)
ARPAnalytical Rework Program
ARPAnti-Revolutionnaire Partij
ARPAssault Recovery Program
ARPAuthorized Resource Provider
ARPAutonomous Robotic Platform
ARPAnciennes Roues Pontchâtelaines (French automobile club; Ponchâteau, France)
ARPArgentina (Old) Peso (national currency since 1970; replaced by Austral 1985)
ARPAntegrade Refractory Period
ARPAgricus Resource Program
ARPAIMS Report Processing
ARPArmy Research Plan
ARPAircrew Respiratory Protection
ARPOffice of Advanced Reactor Programs
ARPActual Reduction to Practice
ARPAutomated Release Processing (NASA)
ARPArt Research Program
ARPAsphalt Replacement Pellets
ARPAtlantic Racquet Press
ARPAutomatic Reporting Post
ARPAcademic Resource Person
ARPAccelerated Requalification Program
ARPAutoroutes Routes Parkings (signal)
ARPAssociation Région Payerne
ARPAlternate Resolution Plan (Sprint)
ARPArdsma Research and Publishing
ARPAcronym Reduction Program
ARPArmy Recreational Parks
ARPAnnual Rate of Payment
ARPAdmodum Reverendi Patris (title accorded to certain clergy in the Roman Catholic Church)
ARPAirman Retraining Program
ARPArsenic Research Partnership
ARPAutomatic Result Processing
ARPAlbanian Republican Party
ARPAutomated Report Processing (EPSIIA Corp.)
ARPAll-Requirements Project
ARPAcid Rain Program (US EPA)
ARPAngle-Resolved Photoemission
ARPAcquisition Review Process (various US federal agencies)
ARPAnnual Report on Privatization (Canada)
ARPAdvanced Reporting Package (Vitel)
ARPAngry Red Planet (online science fiction mystery)
ARPAlcohol Recovery Project (London, UK)
ARPAlternative Retirement Plan
ARPAdvance Reservation Period (railways; India)
ARPAssociation for Research in Personality
ARPAcreage Reduction Program
ARPAerospace Recommended Practice
ARPAmerican Registry of Pathology
ARPAir Raid Precautions
ARPAirborne Reconnaissance Platform
ARPAdrian's Rojak Pot (Malaysian technology news website)
ARPAction Research Project (various locations)
ARPAutomatic Renewal Program (various organizations)
ARPAccelerated Reader Program (education)
ARPAmerican Reform Party
ARPAccidental Release Prevention
ARPAdjustable-Rate Preferred Stock
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In the upper part of the image are two bright stars, both of which lie in the foreground of the Arp 142 pair.
During the Second World War, the ARP was responsible for the issuing of gas masks, pre-fabricated air-raid shelters the upkeep of local public shelters, and the maintenance of the blackout.
We have worked very closely with the DEP engineering staff on this project and I am confident that the ARP technology will meet all the city's goals, as stated in their Nitrogen/Ammonia Reduction Plan, while significantly reducing capital and operating costs at the same time.
The compact size of the ARP process allows it to be retrofitted into existing wastewater treatment plants, making it the perfect solution for plants seeking treatment in already limited spaces, the company said, adding that along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, ARP is almost five times cheaper to build than comparable biological systems, require less than one-third the space and results in major reductions in energy requirements, chemical use and sludge production.
Robertson interprets Arp by deploying the language and method of theorists inspired by Saussurian structuralism--Foucault, Derrida, Eco and Barthes.
Although pollution attendant to residence abroad is likely to have been a concomitant worry, Arp points to the curious fact that condemnations of travel to foreign countries do not occur in the same contexts.
Arp argues that the locus of Beauvoir's originality in thinking on ethics is the book The Ethics of Ambiguity.
Studies of Arp 299 offer astronomers a rare opportunity to examine a collection of stars exploding in an environment dense with gas and dust, where the rates of both stellar birth and death are high.
As a MLP, ARP is required to distribute 100% of available cash, as defined in its limited partnership agreement ("Available Cash") and subject to cash reserves established by its general partner, to investors on a quarterly basis.
When the Hubble Space Telescope peered into the center of an oddly shaped galaxy called Arp 220, it imaged six densely packed clusters of stars -- the largest star-packed regions ever observed by a telescope.
ARP intends to use the net proceeds from the offering to repay all borrowings under its term loan credit facility and a portion of the borrowings under its revolving credit facility.
We expect this transaction to immediately enhance ARP s cash flow, distribution coverage and credit metrics, providing additional visibility and growth.