ARPCTAlliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (Somalia)
ARPCTAssociation of Rehabilitation Programs in Computer Technology (disabled persons’ career training; Kalamazoo, MI)
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collapse of the ARPCT and forced the warlords to flee.
These male youths, in their teens to early twenties, attended an abridged training regimen in secret camps near Mogadishu, and became his foot soldiers in the ICU struggle against the ARPCT, where they proved decisive.
More than 13,800 ARPCT students across the United States and Canada have benefited from SkillSoft's support and generosity.
In early June 2006, the forces of the Islamic Courts captured Mogadishu, forcing ARPCT militia to flee the capital.
The ICU success in Mogadishu effectively led to the collapse of the ARPCT and forced the warlords to flee.
SmartForce and ARPCT have linked forces previously with scholarships donated to the ARPCT member programs including the Michigan Career and Technical Institute (MCTI) in Plainwell, Michigan.
The new SmartForce scholarships will be used by new ARPCT programs in the U.
SmartForce's long-term relationship with ARPCT and its many members has made a real difference in the quality of preparation for careers as IT professionals for thousands of our graduates with disabilities," Leneway said.