ARPDAverage Revenue per Day
ARPDAdvanced Return Path Demodulator (Motorola)
ARPDAsbestos Related Pleural Disease
ARPDAddress Resolution Protocol Daemon
ARPDAssociation for the Rehabilitation of Physically Disabled
ARPDAutosomal Recessive Polycystic Disease
ARPDAcrylic Removable Partial Denture (dentistry)
ARPDPower-Averaged Rate of Power Density Generation
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While the differences of the DABC algorithm and the other algorithms are quite clear from these tables, it is still necessary to perform some statistical tests on the RPD results in order to observe whether the differences in the ARPD values are indeed statistically significant.
0001 TABLE 2: ARPD of each algorithm on Taillard benchmark set (B = 1).
Lavasani, Jam, M, 1994, analysis of Iranian durum wheat genetics diversity by using ARPD molecular and morphological markers.
Of particular note, however, were the extremely shallow or nonexistent aRPDs observed at Stations 27, 29 and 31 in the Western Narrows.