ARPEJAssociation pour l'Art des Paysages et des Jardins (French: Association for the Art of Landscape and Gardens)
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Asi se crearon la APIJ (Asociacion de Prensa Informacion para la Juventud), la ARPEJ (Asociacion Regional de Prensa y Ensenanza para la Juventud), el CIPE (Comite Interprofesional para la Prensa en la Escuela) o la APE (Asociacion de Prensa y Ensenanza), todas ellas para la prensa escrita .
Smadj took up the guitar as a teenager, and at 15 was awarded a place to study at the ARPEJ, one of Paris' most prestigious jazz schools.
Teen-agers and the News" was a poll of 802 students between the ages of 15 and 20 conducted from late January to early February by CSA Poll Institute on behalf of CLEMI -- the Center for Networking Between Education and Media, a department of the French Ministry of Education -- as well as Phosphore, a magazine for French teen-agers, and ARPEJ, the Association for the Use of Regional Newspapers in Education.