ARPGAction Role Playing Game
ARPGAccolade Reaction Promotion Group (Danvers, MA)
ARPGAsphalt Rubber Producers Group (Tempe, Arizona)
ARPGAyrshire Railway Preservation Group (UK)
ARPGAssociation of Retired Persons in Ghana, Inc.
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Spicy Horse is working with Odobo and Odobo's in-house studio, Wild Game Reserve, to build an impressive 5x3 slot version that retains its powerful Japanese Edo-era theme and captures characters and features from the original ARPG.
Crazy Horde", NetDragon's self-developed ARPG mobile game, launched the first EP in May.
These projects span multiple genres such as ARPG, card battle, tower defense, strategy and casual, to attract a diversity of mobile gamers.
IGG"), pursuant to which Taomee granted IGG three-year exclusive operating rights for the English version of Reverse World, an ARPG mobile game, in Singapore, North America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania (except Australia).
Age of Egmont", the Company's first fantasy style ARPG, is in the closed beta testing stage.
The first fantasy style ARPG "Age of Egmont" of the Company commenced closed beta testing in August.
In August 2013, Perfect World launched unlimited closed beta testing for its 2D real-time martial arts ARPG web game "Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" in China.
Ago of Egmont, NetDragon's first fantasy ARPG, will carry out a closed beta testing on August 20.
Supreme Tai-Chi is a self-developed ARPG with a unique hero system in which gamers can collect and play as the 108 characters from Water Margin (known in Chinese as Shui Hu Zhuan), a classic Chinese novel, and many gods from ancient Chinese mythology.
NetDragon's first imaginative style ARPG "Age of Egmont" (previously named "Age of Emblem") entered its first closed beta testing in December 2012.
The Sky is an ARPG incorporating core gameplay mechanics from the ZT Online series.