ARPHAussie Rescue and Placement Helpline, Inc.
ARPHAssistance Robotisée pour Personnes Handicapées (French: Robotic Assistance for the Disabled)
ARPHAnnual Review in Public Health (publication)
ARPHApplied Research in Public Health (International Institute of Health Studies; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
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Membership of the group was decided on jointly by Auckland City Council, ARPHS and Q&W, who succeeded in getting representation from the community, public health and city council.
Having many Auckland City Council staff and ARPHS staff present ensured that the profile of public health was raised in the Council, and having the authors of the framework present allowed them to set the direction of the assessment into areas that most needed attention.
ARPHS was very pleased by the positive public health influence arising from the HIA approach, especially in comparison to the usual methods employed by ARPHS to inform external agencies.
Similar comments were reported for Auckland City Council: the HIA project helped to build the Council's relationship with ARPHS and provided ARPHS with an "in" to the Council's growth projects.