ARPLAdjust Requested Privilege Level
ARPLAverage Revenue Per Line
ARPLAnti-Referral Payments Law
ARPLA Retrieval Process Language
ARPLAnnual Review of Population Law
ARPLAtmospheric Research Pty Ltd (Australia)
ARPLAdventure Role Playing League
ARPLArmy Resourcing Priorities List
ARPLAuthorized Replacement Parts List
ARPLAngle-Resolved Photo-Luminescence
ARPLAchievers' Resources Pvt. Ltd (New Delhi, India)
ARPLAgent Relative Polar Localization (artificial intelligence modelling)
ARPLArmy Resource Priorities List
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The TD performed similarly to existing VO and VC TDs, without substantially increased weight, size, or inefficiency compared with high-end VO and VC TDs such as the Sierra 2 Load or the ARPL.
G K Gupta, ARPL manufactures plywood and products, such as footwear, tents, tarpaulin, and body protectors, which it supplies to the army.
In August and October of 1994, Caremark was indicted in Minnesota and Ohio, respectively, for violating the ARPL.
Health care providers, like Caremark, must be aware of the ARPL and train their employees not to offer kickbacks to physicians who send business their way.
11 Please see Attachment A to this statement for a full definition of ARPL.
ARPL (Monthly Average Revenue per Line), a non-US GAAP financial measure, is calculated for the relevant period by dividing Comstar UTS' Stream service revenue, including broadband internet, pay TV and bundled offering excluding connection fee, for that period by the average monthly number of the Comstar UTS' broadband subscribers during the period and by the number of months in the period.
9% above the same prior year period, primarily due to volume and ARPL increases and the post-acquisition results of ELS, partially offset by unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations of $15.
8% from the prior year period, primarily as a result of volume and ARPL increases, partially offset by unfavorable exchange rate fluctuations of $11.