ARPROArmy Plant Representative Office
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These features have been achieved through the intensive use of composite materials, re-designed impact areas and the development of applications, including a universal seat ramp and other key elements using ARPRO.
Providing a robust and adaptable base for the foothold, ARPRO can withstand the pressures of driver use and does not compromise on space to ensure safety.
Incorporating ARPRO into the sole of the new X-Pro range of Salomon ski boots has not only resulted in a reported weight reduction of 15 percent, but also a 30 percent increase in levels of thermal insulation.
The development follows the successful use of ARPRO in Salomon's range of helmets, where the material's multiple impact protection qualities is said to offer optimum protection to wearers.
In China, JSP has two production sites manufacturing ARPRO for automotive applications such as impact protection, interior components, seating and acoustic insulation as well as providing packaging materials for IT products and electrical appliances.
JSP states the low squeak' ARPRO formulation has been developed using a non-slip additive that reduces friction and the 'stick-slip' effect caused by the transfer of kinetic energy between adjacent vehicle components.
Without compromising on performance in other areas, ARPRO low-squeak reduces 'stick-slip' and therefore noise.
Extreme sports enthusiasts are said to be able to benefit from significantly improved head impact protection thanks to the introduction of ARPRO into a range of multi-purpose sports helmets.
The Kip Carbone helmet by sliding sports specialists VA20R is made from ARPRO with a carbon fibre shell.
The VA Palo Alto Health Care System, one of the largest VA facilities with 961 beds, plans to use ARPROS to streamline its purchasing process, reduce operational costs and enable more strategic procurement planning.
OmniCell's ARPROS is designed to automate the entire procurement chain and provide instant Internet access to all approved suppliers," said Shelly Asher, OmniCell Technologies president and chief executive officer.
With purchase orders and vendors pre-approved, the ARPROS system is designed to electronically order supplies and send confirmations back.