ARPTAcid Reflux Provocation Test (surgery)
ARPTAteneo Rifle Pistol Team
ARPTAdaptive Research Planning Teams
ARPTAdenine Phosphoribosyltransferase
ARPTAccess Region Prediction Table
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Rightly, these amendments now mean ARPT and the extension of CGT will apply only to overseas investors who buy London property for their own use - these were always the Government's target.
The key is to be able to relate ARPT language to machine code.
As ARPT officials are appointed by the government, the sector, therefore, is under government control disabling it from operating as a third-party regulator.
We are very excited to have closed on this real estate acquisition through ARPT in a joint venture with Northwood Investors," says Todd A.
The monopoly status ended in May 2005, when the ARPT awarded the Consortium Algrien des Telecommunication (CAT) a 15-year renewable license to provide fixed, international and rural services.
In particular, the reform gives a new autonomous status for Senegal's regulatory authority ARPT, in line with international best practice for regulatory authorities.
For the first time in the three batches of MPM-RD classes, the face-to-face sessions for AR NRG and ARPT were held at Searsolin from June 23 to July 3.
Algerias telecoms regulator, ARPT, has announced that the licensing of a fourth operator is not planned.
ARPT said : "By now, the operators can proceed to launch the 3G service in their respective provinces of deployment in accordance with specification.
In October 2013 the ARPT issued interim 3G licences to all three applicants after assessing their financial and technical offer.