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ARPUAverage Revenue Per User
ARPUAverage Revenue Per Unit
ARPUAmerican Racing Pigeon Union (Oklahoma City)
ARPUAccelerated Revenue per User (telecommunications)
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The drop in ARPU during 2014 signifies the prevailing tough economic environment in the country while an increase of Withholding Tax from 10 % to 15 % in June 2013 also limited the subscriber usage patterns.
Data issued by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Sunday revealed that further addition of low income users in mobile subscriber base and aggressive price competition has also contributed to lower ARPU during recent months.
Table 50 - China Mobile subscribers, annual change, ARPU and market share - 1997 - 2011
Vodafone also announced yesterday its ARPU figures were continuing to show signs of stabilising.
According to regulator's latest data, ARPU is highly effective and useful tool to gauge financial stability of any sector.
A breakdown of monthly postpay and prepay ARPU for 57 and 56 operators (respectively);
The Strategy Analytics Tariff and Revenue Strategies (TRS) Insight, "Why is Mobile ARPU Declining?
Despite its high ARPU level, Nextel will also be gaining subscribers over the next five years.
Mobile ARPU levels differ widely between the regions of the world; however on the whole all regions have experienced declines in ARPU over the past few years and this is set to continue in the current economic environment.
2008 ARPU growth levels continue to register in negative territory but have also stabilized by historical standards ARPU growth of -6.