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ARRAAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (transportation infrastructure funding)
ARRAAsphalt Recycling and Reclaiming Association (Annapolis, MD)
ARRAAmericans for Responsible Recreational Access
ARRAArizona Radiation Regulatory Agency
ARRAAnnounced Retransmission Random Access
ARRAAustralian Refugee Rights Alliance
ARRAAmerican Rosie the Riveter Association
ARRAAdventurers of Renown: Ruins of Able-Wyvern
ARRAAnalysis of Reasoning, Rhetoric and Argumentation
ARRAAssociation Régionale RadioAmateurs Inc.
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In July 2010, the CEA reported that ARRA was responsible for approximately 6 GW of wind capacity installation that
On this occasion, Omar Al Barguthi, Director General, ARRA, said, "This agreement is the best and most significant recovery sign of the Emirate's property market.
While limited ARRA funding is a constraint, service provider capacity, while significant, is less of a problem.
Demonstrating compliance with requirements is critical to successfully dealing with the government, whether when applying for a grant, managing ARRA funds received or reporting the status of activities performed using these funds.
In a written statement to the federal authorities, Arra said the following on the minimum property value requirement: "The value of property in the Northern Emirates does not exceed half of the value of property in other emirates, and [the current property visa regulations] will lead to only serving a certain investor.
There were sufficient incentives in the ARRA to warrant an acceleration of project plans or a change in the direction of those plans.
It is important to note that states have tremendous flexibility in how they allocate their ARRA funding.
4 billion in ARRA funding that, while less than 1 percent of all stimulus funds, represents significant amounts of investments.
Includes downloadable state-by-state charts on ARRA school-related allocations.
The ARRA briefs that are currently available focus on the following areas:
The ARRA will fund some of this spend directly, but additional technology spending will be stimulated as the legislation provides incentives and tax rebates for the projects it promotes.