ARRBAssassination Records Review Board
ARRBAustralian Road Research Board
ARRBArrestin Beta
ARRBAudit Results Review Board (International Civil Aviation Organization)
ARRBArmy Resource Requirements Board (plan, program, and budget process)
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The South Australian government along with ARRB Group, a national independent road research agency, are testing driverless cars on Adelaide roads in November.
Morley's interest dates to the 1990s when he covered the newly-formed ARRB.
Effect of motorcycles travel behaviour on saturation flow rates at signalized intersections in Malaysia, in 23rd ARRB Conference: Research--Partnering with Practitioners.
broadly to encompass all relevant records," the ARRB was given the
2003, Strategies for Sustainable Roads, Proceedings: Conference of the Australian Road Research Board, ARRB Road Transport, Melbourne.
According to the 2000 handbook Unsealed Roads Manual: Guidelines to Good Practice, published by Australia's ARRB Transport Research, "petroleum-based products present the greatest environmental risk with potential hydrocarbon contamination of vegetation, water courses, or groundwater if applied excessively or washed from the roadway before curing.
Fear that the ARRB might subpoena his records may explain his recantation.
Although access to this material is still controlled by representatives of the Kennedy family, the ARRB felt an obligation to leave as complete a record as possible.
The 2017 conference is presented in partnership by the Australasian College of Road Safety, Austroads, ARRB and Curtin Monash Accident Research Centre.
The Australian company ARRB Transport Research's Global Inertial Positioning System Integration Tracking Route Alignment and Crossfall (Gipsi-Trac) is a vehiclemounted data acquisition system, which uses GPS and sensors to record continuous three-dimensional highway maps and road geometry information.
In point of fact, the ARRB was both Stone's and Schlesinger's worst nightmare, regardless of what they may claim, for a symbiosis exists between their respective views: Stone's JFK would not have had the same resonance in 1991 but for the rosy history first laid down by Schlesinger, and today Schlesinger comes comfortably close to lending an intellectual veneer to Stone's fantasy about "radical change" brewing in the Kennedy Administration.