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ARRCAtmospheric Radar Research Center (University of Oklahoma)
ARRCAustralian Resource Research Centre
ARRCAsian Regional Resource Centre for Human Rights Education
ARRCACE Rapid Reaction Forces (NATO)
ARRCAnti-Reproductive-Rights Crimes
ARRCAdvanced Robotics Research Center (UK)
ARRCAutonomous Rescue & Recovery Craft (marine vessel)
ARRCAerospace Rescue and Recovery Center
ARRCAcquisition Reform Resource Center
ARRCArrow River Community Center
ARRCAutomatic Reorder Restriction Code
ARRCAmerican Road Racing Championship (Sports Car Club of America)
ARRCAllied Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO)
ARRCAssociate of the Royal Red Cross
ARRCAlaska Railroad Corporation
ARRCAlex Rogers Research and Consulting (Bakersfield, CA)
ARRCAllied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO)
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This situation translates to HCAs and RNs caring for high dependency residents in environments with lower funding and lower ARRC education requirements.
First, Survival claimed that STB erred by adopting a purpose and need statement that focused only on the needs stated by ARRC and that the statement should have included public goals.
In response to a question asked by a Senator on the ARRC, an observation made by the Governor's Administrative Rules Coordinator, Jim Larew, was that in the discussion he heard only mention of hierarchical supervision and not horizontal "collaboration".
Of course, another potential up tick in growth--perhaps even the next Himalaya-like spike in formations could come about if ARRC and its supporters have their way in Washington and property becomes part of the RRG equation.
The days are numbered for one of the more unusual animals at ARRC, a pot-bellied pig.
As the ARRC chemical officer, I referred to the NBC threat as the NBC&E (environmental) threat.
The command and control needs could already partly be met by the capacities under ARRC, Europe's existing Rapid Reaction Corps, which is currently preparing for deployment in a major simulation to test its readiness to serve as NATO's premier headquarters for crisis situations.
85] Having deployed this basic command headquarters along with military forces immediately after the Dayton agreement, NATO relied on existing alliance practices to manage deployments: as ARRC was moved out in the course of regular troop rotations, the new deployments were organized on the basis of national sectors, as had been NATO's practice in West Germany during the Cold War, to "minimize the interface" between national military forces.
Comprising of four divisions, two of them entirely British, and with the further contribution of an airmobile brigade to one of the multinational divisions, the ARRC is commanded by a British General with a multinational Corps Headquarters.
In January 1990, the C&L Risk Analysis Group began working with GNMA management to implement the ARRC concept.
No competition with other transit agencies for section 5307 and section 5309 dollars as ARRC is the only entity of its sort in the State of Alaska;