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ARRCAtmospheric Radar Research Center (University of Oklahoma)
ARRCAustralian Resource Research Centre
ARRCAsian Regional Resource Centre for Human Rights Education
ARRCACE Rapid Reaction Forces (NATO)
ARRCAnti-Reproductive-Rights Crimes
ARRCAdvanced Robotics Research Center (UK)
ARRCAutonomous Rescue & Recovery Craft (marine vessel)
ARRCAerospace Rescue and Recovery Center
ARRCAcquisition Reform Resource Center
ARRCArrow River Community Center
ARRCAutomatic Reorder Restriction Code
ARRCAmerican Road Racing Championship (Sports Car Club of America)
ARRCAllied Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO)
ARRCAssociate of the Royal Red Cross
ARRCAlaska Railroad Corporation
ARRCAlex Rogers Research and Consulting (Bakersfield, CA)
ARRCAllied Command Europe Rapid Reaction Corps (NATO)
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Because the center had performed yeoman work in the face of these mobilizations, Air Force leaders recognized that ARRC was not merely a records repository.
In December 2008, ARRC filed a [section] 10502 petition for exemption from the full licensing procedures required by the Interstate Commerce Commission Termination Act (ICCTA).
Because ARRC curbed hiring as the revenue picture became clear last year, 25 of the 54 eliminated positions are already vacant, thus lowering the number of actual layoffs to 29.
The physician community requested a "Session Delay" and the vote was 6-3 which failed to move the rule to the legislative session for consideration since seven votes of the ARRC are needed to do so.
Of course, another potential up tick in growth--perhaps even the next Himalaya-like spike in formations could come about if ARRC and its supporters have their way in Washington and property becomes part of the RRG equation.
The ARRC, MOF maintenance, reorder review and SIM zero balance pulse areas directly impact net and gross effectiveness and readiness; therefore, these pulse areas and the DLR carcass charge area should receive the most attention from the Supply Department leadership.
These elements "are expected to be amalgamated into two [units], to supplement the ARRC," reports the British paper.
As the ARRC chemical officer, I referred to the NBC threat as the NBC&E (environmental) threat.
Comprising of four divisions, two of them entirely British, and with the further contribution of an airmobile brigade to one of the multinational divisions, the ARRC is commanded by a British General with a multinational Corps Headquarters.
In January 1990, the C&L Risk Analysis Group began working with GNMA management to implement the ARRC concept.
No competition with other transit agencies for section 5307 and section 5309 dollars as ARRC is the only entity of its sort in the State of Alaska;