ARRCOAssociation pour Le Régime de Retraite Complémentaire des Salariés (French: Association for Supplementary Retirement Plan for Employees; France)
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Selection of IT intellectual services providers for managed needs Intelligence Information System Retirement Complementary AGIRC ARRCO.
Provision of a computer backup site and provision of related services within the IT recovery plan GIRC AGIRC ARRCO and PRO BTP.
This contract is for the rental, installation and maintenance of a system of networked digital copiers large capacity with personal training GIE AGIRC ARRCO.
This tender is to purchase hardware and software required for the construction of a homogenous storage infrastructure optimized pooled (hosting both the volume perimeters "Mainframe" and "Distributed Systems" in line with current and future objectives GIRC AGIRC ARRCO in terms of performance, availability, scalability, business continuity (RPO / RTO).