ARRDAgrarian Reform and Rural Development (various organizations)
ARRDAmerican Review of Respiratory Disease
ARRDAdvanced Retention and Release Device (rocketry)
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N-acetylcysteine 600mg PO TID none Drug Adverse Effects Reference prednisone Diabetes, AJRCCM 161:646, 2000 osteoporosis Chest 114:507, 1998 cyclophosphamide Hemorrhagic Thorax 44:280, 1989 cystitis, cancer, Chest 125:2169, 2004 infections azathioprine Hepatitis, cancer ARRD 144:291, 1991 Infections colchicine Diarrhea Mayo Clin Proc 72:201, 1997 Chest 114:507, 1998 Interferon-1[beta] Flu-like symptoms NEJM 341:1264, 1999 Leukopenia Chest 127:171, 2005 pirfenidone Photosensitivity AJRCCM 159:1061, 1999 GI distress AJRCCM 171:1040, 2005 N-acetylcysteine none AJRCCM 156:1897, 1997 NEJM 353:2229, 2005 Fig.
The FDA reasoned that ARRI, the second and larger of two Phase 3 clinical studies which met a 10% non-inferiority margin, provided evidence of activity of oritavancin but did not provide substantial evidence alone or in combination with ARRD, the smaller of two Phase 3 clinical studies, to support the efficacy and safety of oritavancin.
The Advisory Committee voted 8 to 10 (against) that clinical study ARRD independently provides evidence of the effectiveness of oritavancin for cSSSI.