ARRKAgencja Rozwoju Regionu Kutnowskiego (Polish: Development Agency of the Kutnowskiego Region)
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The TCE and ARRK proved to be such valuable mission enablers that the task force joint manning document was restructured to add a dedicated TCE and ARRK suite operator in the grade of staff sergeant.
ARRK has significantly upgraded its facilities to satisfy growing demand in the area of composites, resulting in the business supporting clients in a range of industries from automotive, railways, marine and aerospace.
Managers at ARRK Europe, which has four technical centres around the UK, say consultations have now begun with affected employees.
Newly-appointed general manager at the Nuneaton site Anthony O'Neill said: "The company has invested over a quarter of a million pounds in two new three axis high speed machining centres, a Mazak VTC 820 / 30 and a VTC - 200-B, providing ARRK with a 3m and 1m bed respectively.
ARRK is the largest prototyping, tooling and moulding manufacturer in the world with facilities in the Far East, Thailand and Europe.
San Diego-based ARRK uses the systems to produce prototype parts for a wide variety of Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.
Running the full MPI suite of tools will allow ARRK to provide the benefits of Moldflow consulting services to all of their customers across a wide range of industries.
Now Mr Lowe has sold the remainder of his shares to ARRK.
Part of my role will be to ensure ARRK companies in Europe work more closely together to offer a complete range of 'joined-up' services to our customers.
ARRK, a global company headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading provider of Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Molding solutions to the automotive, electronics and aerospace industries.
ARRK already operates a 3200T machine at this site, but states that with growing demand, particularly from clients in the aftermarket, the decision to add a second large machine allows the business to support even more clients.
According to introductions, more than 140 Japanese companies have established subsidiaries in the Changzhou High-Tech Zone, including Nippon Steel, Komatsu, Pricestone, Subaru, Fujitsu, Tosoh Corporation, Dainippon Ink, Chemicals Incorporated, NTN Bearings, Enoch, ARRK Group, Nitta Group, Fujiseiki and Servo Motors.