ARRMSAmerican Road Race Medical Society (Bethesda, MD)
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As a second benefit to ARRMS membership, we have been working to establish a distance learning program that will address a number of medical conditions commonly seen during any half or full marathon (see George's and my article on "Best Practices for Providing Cardiac Emergency Care at Marathons" on page 8).
We are extremely pleased to announce that Philips Healthcare has committed to support these initiatives, thus allowing each of us to move the ARRMS mission forward.
If you are not yet an ARRMS member, please consider joining today at www.
George Chiampas, DO, CAQSM Assistant Professor Feinberg School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine Northwestern University Medical Director Bank of America Chicago Marathon, President ARRMS
Lastly, I completed my two-year term as president of ARRMS and passed the presidency on to George Chiampis, DO, of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.
The next meeting of ARRMS will be held in Boston in April 2010 (details will be posted at www.
ARRMS members will be sent the Chicago meeting summary, as well as information on upcoming meetings, via e-mail.
The Clinic Advisory Board of over 200 sports medicine professionals offers a truly unique medical service to members of ARA, AMAA, and ARRMS," says AMAA President Charles Schulman, MD.
Thereafter, ARRMS will meet in spring 2010 at the Boston Marathon or ACSM meeting.
Although the meeting was small, Cianca reports that it was "a very appreciative audience" and in addition to discussing important topics in running medicine, they established a solid direction for ARRMS.
The annual meeting for ARRMS will be held in Houston on January 17, 2009Anyone attending is also welcome to assist with medical coverage at the Chevron Houston Marathon on January 18.
The funds help sustain public relations efforts on behalf of running medicine, assist the new group ARRMS (American Road Race Medical Society), and aid ARA's walk-run programs for children in schools.