ARRPAmerican Recovery And Reinvestment Plan (US)
ARRPAnimal Research Review Panel (Australia)
ARRPAcid Rain Research Program
ARRPAdverse Reaction Reporting Project (UK, dental materials)
ARRPAsbestos Roof Replacement Program (Australia)
ARRPAmmonia Removal and Recovery Process
ARRPAccident Record Rating Plan (insurance)
ARRPAbyei Recovery and Rehabilitation Project
ARRPAmbulance Radio Re-Procurement Project (UK)
ARRPAIDS Research and Reference Program
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The ARRP will improve conditions so the Pell Grant is more available and the award is more generous
28) See for example Saunders (2008), Scoffield (2006) and ARRP (2007).
Consumer groups like ARRP and the Consumer Federation of American also oppose the rule.
In particular, this document contains, without limitation, forward-looking statements pertaining to the following: the impact that the Alberta Royalty Review Panel's recommendations regarding potential changes to the Alberta oil sands and conventional oil and natural gas royalty programs (collectively, the "ARRP Proposals") would have on Penn West's cash flow from operating activities should they be implemented by the Government of Alberta as proposed; the potential impact of the ARRP Proposals on oil sands development and production, experimental enhanced oil recovery projects and further exploration in Alberta; and the percentage that Penn West's hedged 2008 liquids volumes represents in relation to total anticipated production (net of royalties).
A previous study published by AXYS and Jackson Laboratory researchers in Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences in April 1997 reported the identification of TULP1 and its mapping to a region of human chromosome 6 that contained a gene for ARRP.