ARRUAntimicrobial Resistance Research Unit (US Department of Agriculture; Atlanta, GA)
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P-LL 11 Salt 1 Method PAPAMACS YeS 25/30 LS 30/30 29/30 U28/30 28/30 28/30 SLZ26/30 U26/30 UR RU S 25/30 S MX25/30 25/30 YLL RMS 25/30 U24/30 AL 24/30 24/30 MLU24/30 L 24/30 LA23/30 23/30 23/30 23/30 L21/30 S ARRU L21/30 20/30 L18/30 PAPAMACS D
The commissioning of this project will comprise, firstly, 9 pilot sites, four ministries (Prime Ministry, Ministries of Education, Information and Communication Technology and Public Works) and five public enterprises (STEG, the Tunisian Post, ONAS ARRU, SONEDE) and secondly, be generalized to other public purchasers.