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ARSAArylsulfatase A
ARSAAeronautical Repair Station Association
ARSAAirport Radar Service Area
ARSAAutomated Radioxenon Sampler/Analyzer
ARSAAssociate of the Royal Scottish Academy
ARSAAlberta River Surfing Association (Calgary, AB, Canada)
ARSAAirborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance Architecture
ARSAAnglican Rite Synod in the Americas
ARSAAuto Rétro Sport d'Armorique (French sports car club)
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ARSA did not say where leader Ata Ullah was but Myanmar suspects the insurgents flee into Bangladesh then slip back into Myanmar to launch attacks.
These killings began as ARSA was planning its first attacks on Myanmar authorities, according to research from the International Crisis Group, a conflict resolution non-profit.
The ARSA prioritization method of budgeting has the stated purpose of stabilizing the budget during declining economic conditions resulting in revenue shortfalls.
El pronostico se relaciona con el subtipo de SMD, existiendo formas de evolucion lenta como en la AR, ARSA, CRDU y sindrome 5 q, con mediana de sobrevida de hasta 70 meses, en cambio en los AREB esta alrededor de seis meses.
emphasis added) ARSA steadfastly believes mandating drug and alcohol testing of maintenance providers is unnecessary and burdensome with no flight safety benefit.
Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) study which was performed using LSI TUPLE1 (HIRA) probe and LSI ARSA control probe revelaed 22q11.
Further course of ARSA (Aberrant right subclavian artery) can be variable.
Kommerell's diverticulum is commonly (60%) associated with ARSA (13).
Conducting the periodical maintenance, including related spare parts, for five Spanish made electric elevators (MAEPV - ARSA branded) serving the Ministry's general secretariat.
El dia 8 se retiro el DISP, se administro im 150 [micron]g de D(+) Cloprostenol (Arsaprost, ARSA, Argentina) y los animales recibieron aleatoriamente 0,5 o 1 mg de CPE (grupos CPE05 y CPE1, respectivamente).
Se utilizo un horno marca ARSA, segun el metodo gravimetrico descrito por Rodriguez-Fuentes (2002).