ARSACAdministration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee (UK)
ARSACAlliance for a Regional Solution to Airport Congestion (California)
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After Villaraigosa nominated her to the Airport Commission, Velasco resigned her post with ARSAC.
The biggest concern is the failure of the city to consider a range of alternatives, including one that would distribute the benefits, as well as the burdens, of having an airport,'' said attorney Jan Chatten-Brown, who represents ARSAC.
The ARSAC suit also questions a ``green light-yellow light'' priority system, in which the entire plan was approved but with the intention of only going forward immediately on noncontroversial elements while other parts will be postponed for possible further study.
That's not what our pledge statement says,'' said El Segundo Mayor Mike Gordon, who has led opposition to LAX's expansion in league with ARSAC.
Homozygous contiguous gene deletion of 13q12 causing LGMD2C and ARSACS in the same patient.