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ARSIAssociation de Recherche en Soins Infirmiers
ARSIAppalachian Rural Systemic Initiative (educational initiative)
ARSIAmateur Radio Society of India
ARSIAtmospheric Research System
ARSIAerospace Research Systems, Inc.
ARSIARPA Reconfigurable Simulator Initiative
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From 33:05 -- 33:46 Lutfi Arsi (in the yellow 'Super 9' t-shirt) calmly inspects his fellow alleged victims, helpfully directs a member of staff towards them, ambles to the back of the room, pulls up a chair and takes a seat.
14) ARSI, Nobili to Roothaan, quoted in French, February-March, 1846, Fort Shuswap.
A week before this massacre, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi described the recent Muslims' demand as being instigated by terrorist groups and specifically told the parliament of the existence of al-Qaida cells in Arsi and Bale.
The maid, who is Muslim and from the rural Arsi Zone of Ethiopia, allegedly told medics she didn't know she was with child.
The East African dominance of women's long-distance running in the Olympic Games of the 21st century is almost complete, and the Dibaba family from the Oromo ethnic group of the high altitude Arsi district in Ethiopia are to the fore.
Of 46 countries in the African Region, trichinellosis has been documented only among soldiers in the Gojjam region and policemen in the Arsi region of Ethiopia, a country where the Christian population accounts for [approximately equal to] 60% of the total population.
FACTFILE Widely regarded as the greatest long distance runner of all time, Haile Gebrselassie grew up on a farm in Asella, Arsi Province, Ethiopia, with his nine brothers and sisters.
Conservative party co-chairman Sayeeda W arsi heard about the region's first Veteran's Office for armed forces personnel at the Royal British Legion in Withens Lane, Wallasey.
20 e 21), non convince: oltre al fatto che iussit e privo di complemento oggetto, desta sospetti l'allungamento in arsi poiche presuppone che la cesura fra l'aggettivo e il sostantivo sia abbastanza forte.
Born on April 18, 1973 in the Asella, Arsi Province, Ethiopia, he was one of 10 children.
Taddesse Negawo, for example, was born in 1948 in Dorene in the Arsi province in south central Ethiopia.
Arsi, Coronas and De Luca (1998), de Caprariis and Vesperini (1998), Salmon (1995), and Vandelli and Gardini (1999) relate decentralization and delegation of functions to decentralized institutions.