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ARSINArea Sine (trigonometry)
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Born in Quebec on 23 August 1887, Jean Arsin came to Winnipeg around 1909 and was the city's chief filmmaker until 1920.
Accidit igitur arsis (id est eleuatio) et thesis (id est depositio) pedi, quia, cum dico 'Roma ', eleuatur uox in prima syllaba per arsin et deponitur in secunda per thesin.
Spearman's correlation coefficient (probability) Arsin (proportion) LAT LON ALT 0.
He also mentions canon in contrary motion (`per arsin & thesin'), quoting an untitled and textiles example by Byrd.
In 2008, Prolifics joined with SemanticSpace Technologies and Arsin Corporation to form SemanticSpace Group - expanding its global presence and offerings.
This droll little canon 'per arsin et thesin' is not so much a piece of self-advertisement by an ambitious young composer as one of Vinaccesi's many jeux d'esprit.
Together Prolifics, SemanticSpace Technologies, and Arsin Corporation will operate as SemanticSpace Group, creating a new overall organization of 1500 employees with more than $100 million in revenue on a proforma basis.
SemanticSpace Technologies, a leading global software solutions company, announced the completion of its acquisition of Arsin Corporation.
Arsin announced that its Effecta Integration Framework (EIF) add-in has been validated by Mercury Interactive Corporation, the global leader in business technology optimization, for integrating Mercury Quality Center(TM) with JUnit.
TRABZON (CyHAN)- At least two people were killed as a result of mudflows on Monday night in the Yomra and Arsin regions of Turkey's Trabzon province on Tuesday.
Arsin announced that it has successfully completed the first phase of a multi-phased deal by installing and implementing its Effecta(TM) TestTools 2.
Announced 25 partners in support of Unify NXJ, including Arsin Corp.