ARSNAustralian Registered Scheme Number (Australian Securities and Investments Commission)
ARSNArkansas Razorback Sports Network
ARSNAsian Rotavirus Surveillance Network (infectious diseases)
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All told, ARSN owes unsecured creditors $3 million.
as responsible entity of Westfield America Trust ABN 27 374 714 905 ARSN 092 058 449
The goals of ARSN are to use the generic protocol as a basis to: 1) define the epidemiology and strain distribution of rotavirus in participating countries, 2) estimate the costs associated with rotavirus and its prevalence in these settings, 3) create a surveillance system that can monitor the effectiveness of a vaccine program once introduced, 4) serve as a basis to conduct enhanced surveillance with special studies (e.
ARSNs of Series F are issued in denominations of $25,000, have an aggregate principal amount of $185,000,000 and pay interest determined by the Dutch auction on a 7-day cycle.
Westfield America Management Limited ABN 66 072 780 619 AFS Licence 230324 as responsible entity of Westfield America Trust ABN 27 374 714 905 ARSN 092 058 449
Under the terms of the Letter of Intent, shareholders of MSPL will own 90% of the stock in ARSN after a 1 for 50 reverse split of ARSN stock.
Inman did handle studio work during football season for ARSN.
A source close to the situation said Nicholson originally thought Barrett would have a non-compete clause in his contract that would prevent him from taking the job with ARSN.
Earlier in the football season, KATV was forced to "revamp" a Monday night Alltel-sponsored segment called "Paul's Calls," in which UA football broadcaster anti KATV sports director Paul Eells' voice from ARSN radio broadcasts was used with footage of the previous game.
Nasdaq/NMS: ARSN, ARSNW) today announced that revenues for its first fiscal quarter ended July 31, 1997 increased 7 percent to $16,271,000 from $15,148,000 last year.
Rose, who also oversees sales for the statewide Arkansas Radio Sports Network, said ARSN has yet to see any political advertising this year.
Nasdaq/NMS: ARSN, ARSNW) today announced revenues for its fiscal year ended April 30, 1997 climbed 20 percent to a record $61.