ARSOFArmy Special Operations Forces
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As a force protection standard, all ARSOF teams deploy with their weapons and ammunition.
Deploying ARSOF units must meet all of the Army and theater commander predeployment training requirements.
With the understanding that NSL is a critical subtask of UW, we can pull out several main lessons from recent ARSOF training exercises.
The SOTD has enabled ARSOF units to operate at the team, company, and battalion or task force levels in a joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) environment.
In effect, what is common across these three actions is that ARSOF provides a strategic "bridging" force of specially assessed and selected, highly trained, intelligent Soldiers possessing high initiative and creativity who, by natural inclination, seek solutions to complex problems.
Secondly, the necessary enabler, sustainment, and support (ESS) capabilities and capacity are not entirely resident within ARSOF.
These exercises are among the most significant events to occur this year in the Special Operations community," said Ken McMullin, BTG Training, Education and Military Operations Analyst in the ARSOF Simulation Center.
We are proud to have the opportunity to continue our work with the ARSOF Simulation Center.
Future articles will include discussions of professional credentialing programs, skills-based training, Global Combat Support System--Army, force structure changes, leader development, ARSOF integration, joint logistics capabilities, and RC integration, just to name a few.
An enduring objective of the 528th SOSB was to create a single, seamless, fully integrated organization to provide SOF-unique CSS and CHS for deployed ARSOF across the spectrum of conflict, anywhere in the world, from bare-base to urban environments.
The remainder of the indoctrination phase included learning about ARSOF structure and advanced weapons, combatives [hand-to-hand combat, martial arts techniques taught to SOF Soldiers], obstacle course, land navigation, physical, and common task training.
Although transformation of the Army's conventional support structures is well underway, the deficiency of support within the ARSOF community, as demonstrated by the problems of the deploying Special Forces group, is not being addressed.