ARSVArmored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle
ARSVAntarctic Research Support Vessel
ARSVAmerican Revised Standard Version
ARSVAirsoft Ranger Sport Verein (German: Airsoft Ranger Sport Association)
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But, if the ARSV model is expressed as a state space model, the likelihood function can be approximated by a gaussian model using a modified version of the Kalman filter, adding other functions of which the expectation value is calculated by simulation.
In order to obtain these characteristics, three different models: AGARCH (1,1) model, ARSV (1) model and ARSVA (1) model are estimated.
If the null hypothesis is true, then there will not exist an asymmetric answer of volatility in presence of positive or negative shocks, and then the ARSV (1) model could be adequate to model the volatility behavior.