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ARTAAssociation of Retail Travel Agents
ARTAAmerican River Touring Association
ARTAApple Real Time Architecture
ARTAAmerican Reusable Textile Association
ARTAAlberta Retired Teachers' Association
ARTAAlberta Retired Teachers Association (Canada)
ARTAAchaemenid Research on Texts and Archaeology
ARTAAdvanced Radiator Test Article
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Airings declined to their lowest level at the end of the 14-month interval between ARTA phases IV and V-an interval twice that between any of the other phases.
Artilium's ARTA Mobile Services Platform is an open, highly extensible Next Generation Service Delivery Platform including an Intelligent Network built on Service Oriented Architecture principles and designed to enable rapid creation of new mobile applications.
ARTA activates the coming wave of third-party application development and innovation.
Artilium's ARTA Connected Mobile Services Framework is an open, modular and highly extensible Service-Oriented Architecture that includes a Service Creation Environment, a real-time Service Delivery Platform including an Intelligent Network, and a Mobile Presence Server that intelligently combines highly accurate, continuous real-time location and state awareness to enable a vast range of new mobile commerce, advertising and social networking services based on the company's patented Tri-Cell Intelligent Location System (TILS).
Although GSIS and other government corporations were no longer covered by the regular ARTA RCS survey since 2016, the pension fund, through then Chairman Francisco Duque III, opted to tap CSC to undertake the survey anew in 2017.
With our asset management strategy centered on SAP and GIS, it was important for the ARC and ARTA to find a way to fully leverage both systems in a timely and cost-effective manner," said John Holley, Group Manager Information Services from the ARC.
Unveiling ARTA II, Artilium Chief Executive Officer Robert Marcus said, "Artilium develops advanced software for the heart of the complicated telecoms network.
These private labeled Websites will give ARTA agencies a real around-the-clock opportunity to gain new customers and to close additional sales with their existing clients.
It also checks if agencies comply with ARTA provisions including the observance of the No Noon Break Policy, no fixing activities, wearing of easy-to-read IDs or nameplates by frontline service providers, and presence of public assistance and complaints desk.
The CSC Seal of Excellence is awarded to offices with excellent performance in providing service to the public and its adherence to the requirements prescribed by ARTA.
Both services simplify credit scoring and decisioning, and then offer immediate documentation using the Rembrandt or ARTA Lending Systems.
Bankers Systems' ARTA Lending uses its exclusive Expere(TM) knowledge base plus Windows(R) technology to provide the most up to date lending compliance documentation for a number of different consumer loan types.