ARTCCAir Route Traffic Control Center
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Larry Taillie, President of CXR Larus Corporation commented; "The updated Halcyon is a direct replacement for our legacy CXR 5200 which was the incumbent test set for measuring ARTCC signals.
Air traffic controllers at the Washington ARTCC control movements of aircraft flying in a 240,000 square mile area.
The MS-ODL at the Oakland ARTCC controls air traffic for the Central Pacific Oceanic Airspace, which is an area of over 18 million square miles.
Worth and Memphis Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCC) and, upon exercise of all options, cover twenty-one ARTCCs and four Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facilities.
The first system was placed into full operational service on December 28, 1996, at the Chicago ARTCC and is successfully controlling air traffic in one of the world's busiest airspaces.
One of the largest en route ARTCCs in the US, the New York ARTCC began its HOCSR operational service on February 24.
Anchorage ARTCC, Alaska; Honolulu CERAP, Hawaii; Andersen AFB, Guam; Ft.
Commenting on the announcement, Don Antonucci, president of Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management, said, "The FAA/Lockheed Martin team that brought the Seattle ARTCC into full operation using DSR should be extremely proud of this significant achievement in the FAA's modernization program.
Now that the FAA has formally accepted DSR, it will be deployed and tested at each ARTCC.
During the third quarter, the company also received an additional $50 million of funding from the FAA under the multi-year ARTCC Modernization Program.
To date, Exide Electronics has received approximately $350 million of funding under the ARTCC Modernization Program which began in 1991.