ARTDOAsian Regional Training and Development Organisation
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Mr Al Banna, who is a ARTDO board member, Origin Consultancy chief executive and former BSTD president, will speak on the topic "Driving performance through effective leadership".
It is in recognition of his great contribution in the field of human resources locally (as one of the leaders of BSTD) and internationally as champion and chairman of the International Federation of Training and Development Organisations (IFTDO), as well as for reconstituting the rules and regulations of ARTDO.
The 37th ARTDO International Conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur from July 27 to 29 at the Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel.
She added that it was a great honour for the BSTD and Bahrain that the first Arab national to be named Man of the Year 2007 by ARTDO for his contribution in the field of human resources, Ebrahim Al Dosary, will receive his award during the event.
Announcing the award, ARTDO secretary-general Dr Thomas Chee recalled Mr Al Dossary's contributions in the area of training and human resources development.
Among the delegates from Bahrain are BSTD chief executive officer and executive adviser to the board Ebrahim Al Dossary, ARTDO board member and Gulf Air chief people officer Ahmed Al Banna, BSTD president and BIBF deputy director Hussain Ismail, BSTD public relations director Essam Al Alawi and BSTD programmes director Fathia Al Awadi.