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ARTIFACTSAdvanced Robotics in Flexible Automation Components, Tools, and Strategies
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There has been a tremendous research effort of suppressing ringing artifacts in the past several decades with their hardware implementation (Bernacchia, G.
To this end, new conditions have been designed to conserve and display the artifacts.
US Customs officials seized the artifact from a Lebanese-American antiquities dealer who was attempting to smuggle it into the United States in 2000.
Some 3,000 historical artifacts have been returned to Turkey in the past 10 years as part of the ministry's efforts to repatriate smuggled artifacts.
Eligible participants may view the artifacts and request specific items at the website through May 6.
He added that the Italian ambassador in Baghdad recently informed him that the Italian government will be returning 38 smuggled artifacts that were confiscated in Italy.
However, artifacts may not resemble an arrhythmia, but nevertheless can alter the configuration of the native underlying rhythm.
As the photographic recording of artifacts has first priority, this process has been implemented at the museum using a high-resolution digital single-lens reflex camera equipped with a close-up lens.
The researchers studied artifacts recovered at the Chalco site southeast of Mexico City.
The focus is on a task and artifacts that support the accomplishment of the task.
The museum will also have an ``Egyptian Bazaar Gift Shop'' selling Egyptian-themed items and toys, books, belly-dancing clothing and authentic artifacts.
In this work we describe this framework, by defining a model for the coordination artifact abstraction, and discussing the infrastructures and technologies currently available for engineering MAS applications with coordination artifacts.