ARTMAnalysis & Reporting Training Module
ARTMAdvanced Resin Transfer Moulding (Volkswagen)
ARTMAvailability Reporting and Tracking Module (replaced by STASS FY96)
ARTMAcquisition Reform Training Modules
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ARTS ligands form hydrogen bonds with the active site hemin and its conformation towards hemin, so ARTS ligands can act as potential inhibitors that can bind to hemin more effective than the ARTM and ARTE ligands.
The central allegations concern ARTM which was created and financed from scratch by the Commission in September 1992.
In a new initiative for the Commission contracts for handling various MED programmes were granted to ARTM by private treaty.
A report by the Court in 1996 said the Commission's transfer of powers to ARTM had no legal basis "in view of the nature and scope of the powers confirmed to ARTM, what the Commission had actually done was to delegate its powers de facto to a third body, rather than sign mere service contracts.
The major criticisms levelled were: "The delegation of powers to ARTM, the confusion of interests arising from the fact TAOs were represented on its management board, the private-treaty contracts, and poor management and monitoring.
ARTM automatically tracks changes in the fundamental frequency, which eliminates any effects of frequency drift on accuracy of the measurements.
En la querella presentada por ARTM, inscrita en el contexto de las demandas mutuas que esta semana se presentaron: Telmex contra las televisoras y Grupo Iusacell, de Ricardo Salinas Pliego, contra Telmex-Telcel, se argumenta que la Cofeco ha actuado de manera "parcial y activa" en el ambito de la television por cable para favorecer los intereses de Televisa.
ARTM cita dos resoluciones claves del propio organismo antimonopolios:
En su demanda, ARTM advierte que "no se le ha informado a esta autoridad sobre la ejecucion de la enajenacion por parte de Cablemas y sus accionistas y TVI, y ahora Cable Z y Comunicable S.
Additionally, the company announced the availability of customization services that will allow customers to obtain ARTM solutions specifically adapted for their unique applications, providing highly valued flexibility.
GE Fanuc worked with one of the leading vendors of carrier grade servers, Sun Microsystems, to implement this ARTM to work with their CT900 ATCA system.
The ARTM-200FG intelligent ARTM expands the I/O capabilities of ATCA processor blades by adding Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter and Gigabit Ethernet network interface card functionality.