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ARTXAda Real-Time Executive
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Prior to joining ArtX, Orton served in a number of senior management roles at SGI, including Senior Vice President & General Manager of Visual Systems Group and prior to that as Vice President and General Manager of the Advanced Graphics Division.
To add insult to injury, Nintendo will use a graphics processing chip from ArtX Inc, a company set up by former SGI staff.
Nintendo will also use graphics chips from ArtX Inc and DVD drives from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co in the new machine, codenamed Dolphin.
Arotech's Nasdaq issue symbol will therefore automatically revert back to ARTX beginning with the opening of trading tomorrow, Thursday, July 20, 2006.
Pursuant to the rules of the Nasdaq Stock Market, Arotech's stock ticker symbol will change from ARTX to ARTXD beginning on Wednesday, June 21 through and including Wednesday, July 19 (a period of twenty business days).