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ARUAAssociazione Regionale Utenti Auto (Italian: Regional Association of Auto Users)
ARUAAlberta Rural Utilities Association (Canada)
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1) More than 66,000 men, women, and children have settled here, in camps in Adjumani District, with over 15,000 more in Arua District's Rhino Camp.
Hotels in Arua park in Kampala are known for serving inya and this is popular place for Lughbara working in Kampala.
This factory of such funding magnitude in a rural setting like Arua is a landmark in the history of Uganda," Wakikona said.
They descended on the business areas of Kikubo lane, Arua and the new commuter taxi parks where market vendors and sympathisers were rioting.
Five kilograms (5kg) of shea fruits were collected from each district of Katakwi, Lira, Pader and Arua in Teso, Lango, Acholi and West Nile sub-regions in Uganda, respectively between April and August 2007.
Aju Arua, 31, of Cwrt Coles, Pengam Green, Cardiff, was fined pounds 280 for driving without a valid licence or insurance.
Gleba Nova Olinda covers 172,900 hectares between the Maro and Arua Rivers, at the source of the Arapiuns River in the municipality of Santarem.
A Case Study for Possible Local Integration" EPAU Report (Geneva: UNHCR, 2004); Tania Kaiser, Lucy Hovil, and Zachary Lomo, "'We Are All Stranded Here Together': The Local Settlement System, Freedom of Movement and Livelihood Opportunities for Refugees in Arua and Moyo Districts,' Working Paper No.
off; 137, CCCM 41 A: 267-269: "Aa) Nunc dicamus de tripudiis, que in hoc festo fieri solent, quorum sunt tria genera, In uigilia enim beati lohannis colligunt pueri in quibusdan regionibus ossa et quedam alia inmunda et insimul cremant, et exinde producitur fumus in aere, Faciunt etiam brandas et circumeunt arua cum brandis.
Primus, a priest of the Catholic Diocese of Arua in Uganda, closely examines the pastoral letter "Gerechter Friede" (the GF) of the German Episcopal Conference.
non sic, aggeribus ruptis cum spumeus amnis exiit oppositasque euicit gurgite moles, fertur in arua furens cumulo camposque per omnis cum stabulis armenta trahit.
In 2005 six suspects were charged with murder and imprisoned in Arua District.