ARVICAssociation for Religious and Values Issues in Counseling (now Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling)
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George Gazda, a former ACA [APGA] and an [Association for Counselor Education and Supervision] president, also was a staunch Catholic and a member of ARVIC at that time.
My major professor, Jim Lee, was the first and last president of the National Catholic Guidance Conference, which became ARVIC, the Association of Religious Values in Counseling, which is now ASERVIC, so I had [influences from] a number of really talented people like that; Phil Peron [was one], Marshall Sandborn was an incredibly gifted writer and thinker; so many people at Wisconsin really helped.
At the Board of Directors meeting in South Bend, Indiana, the name was officially changed to the Association for Religious Values Issues in Counseling, or ARVIC.
In 1993, ASERVIC added the word spirituality to its name (from ARVIC, the Association for Religious Values in Counseling) and incorporated spirituality as a major focus of its mission.