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Likewise, where President Thieu saw ARVN elite units first and foremost as a force to crush potential rivals, in Iraq, Prime Minister Maliki had similar views of using military force to suppress Sunni rivals.
On March 10, the NVA attacked Ban Me Thuot with 12 regiments supported by armored, artillery, and engineer units; 32 hours later, the defending ARVN division's headquarters was overrun and captured.
The US military, focused on the possibility of Soviet attacks in Europe, tried to form ARVN into a force that could withstand a similar invasion by the army of northern general Vo Nguyen Giap, an event that would not take place for nearly fifteen years.
You'll encounter a range of friendly and unfriendly units, including POWs in need of rescue, the famed "Huey" helicopter, ARVN troops (South Vietnamese allies), peasant farmers and the Enemy, both North Vietnamese regulars and VC.
At that time everything from frozen hamburger patties and whole turkeys to hot dogs and ice cream could be found in dedicated and makeshift coldstores serving US and ARVN troops.
Above a boy whose head he's calmly blown apart, An ARVN colonel smokes a cigarette.
He did not want Cao and Dam and the other ARVN officers to see him talking to us.
Thanks to the American advisers' "conventional mindset," he writes, ARVN "was not trained for the guerilla war burgeoning within its own boundaries.
Our own province capitol of Soc Trang was penetrated, but ARVN units quickly sealed off access and egress routes and set about mopping up the sappers and rifleman who now found themselves with no way out.
For McKenna the triumph of ARVN and US advisors during the Easter Offensive serves as a critical success within the larger public understanding of Vietnam as a failure, especially in the post Tet Offensive period.
Like most Vietnamese males his age, he is a veteran, a former ARVN Air Force mechanic.
He does so, not with recycled English-language sources but with documents from the Vietnamese Archive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnamese-language books and memoirs, and dozens of interviews of ARVN veterans.