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ARXAutoCAD Runtime Extension
ARXAdaptive Resource Switch (Acopia)
ARXAutoregressive Exogenous
ARXArtists' Regional Exchange (collaborative international exhibition project)
ARXAdvocacy Resource Exchange (est. 2004; UK)
ARXAction Research Exchange (Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group; Simon Fraser University; Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
ARXExperimental Repair Ship
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On May 8, 2017, ARX announced the departure of the executives and the recomposition of part of the team.
38 Special ARX penetrated just a bit under or over 12 inches in ballistic gelatin, regardless of the velocity or barrel length.
Prior to joining ArX, Penalver worked as the marketing administrator and graphic artist for International Sales Group, managing and producing collateral for new ultra-luxury construction developments primarily in Florida and New York.
The ARX projectiles are one of four styles that PolyCase makes.
To find out, I traveled to the Academi training facility in Moyock, North Carolina, where I had the chance to spend an afternoon on the range with the ARX 100.
A spokesperson for Daulton Capital commented “We are looking forward to working on getting the additional financing required to get the ARX Springs Gold project into gold production in order to maximize shareholder value and we are in talks with leading fund managers worldwide and we hope in next few months we will be able to raise the required capital needed.
We are really looking for a healthy split from people around the globe to create an international mix," admissions di rector yon Arx expands.
Supervalu is committed to the conScept of empowering our pharmacy teams to provide convenient, personalized pharmacy care," said Chris Dimos, president of Supervalu Pharmacies, at the time of the February rollout of ARx.
The next-generation ARx system is designed to streamline pharmacy work flow and operations, providing Supervalu pharmacies with such new technologies as prescription label imaging and thermal printing.
Supervalu Pharmacies here has rolled out a next-generation pharmacy management system companywide -- ARx -- which streamlines pharmacy workflow and operations.
This new library is the second major civic building in Ilhavo by the filial partnership of Jose and Nuno Mateus who founded the ARX Portugal collective in the early '90s.
Abstract: In adaptive control the ARX regression model is mostly utilized for description of given plant dynamics and unknown parameters are estimated by recursive least square method.