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AS1Aviation Support Equipment Technician First Class (US Navy rating)
AS1Astro Saber I (Motorola two-way radio)
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2, assume that regional failures disable three routers distributed in AS1 and AS4.
Growth hormone concentration was elevated 120-min post-exercise compared to rest following the AS1 (P = 0.
AS0, AEB0, AEL0, AB0: no hair loss from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, body; AS1, AEB1, AEL1, AB1: incomplete hair loss from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, body; AS2, AEB2, AEL2, AB2: complete hair loss from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, body; NP: nail pitting; NO: nail onycholysis; NT: nail trachyonychia; NM: nail onychomadesis.
4 TFSI (production version: 185 hp / 136 kW), has up to 210 hp (154 kW) making the AS1 Sportback a real motorway shocker, coming close to the 240km/h limit and getting from naught to 100 in 6.
OXA-23]-positive Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates * Date of Isolate Origin isolation Specimen EC 240 France 2003 Dec Tracheal II aspirate 512 Tahiti 2004 Mar Tracheal II aspirate 761 Vietnam 2005 May Bile II 810 New 2004 Jun Blood II Caledonia 863 Thailand 2006 Jun Urine II 883 Reunion 2006 Jun Unknown II Ab13 France 2004 Jun Urine II AUS Australia 2004 Oct Urine II 859 South 2006 Jan Urine II Africa 585 France 2004 Jul Tracheal II aspirate 614 Libya 2004 Oct Unknown I AS3 UAE ([dagger]) 2006 Oct Blood I 1190 Bahrain 2008 Mar Blood I AS1 UAE 2006 Jul Blood I Ab14 Algeria 2004 Dec Unknown I 910 Reunion 2006 Oct Unknown I 861 Egypt 2005 Nov Sputum I BEL Belgium 2007 Jul Respiratory I tract DOS France 2004 May Unknown -- 877 Brazil 2006 Jul Wound -- Copy no.
We have expanded our ankle brace line with the introduction of Active Ankle, and introduced a strapped lace-up brace called the AS1.
Example 1: Final excerpt from a service interaction between ENQ (the enquirer) and AS1 (the TIC employee).
AB is the sum of the items in the following subscales: CA, PS, AS1, AS2, AS3, and AG.
The conversion rate on July 27, 1993, was AS1 = US$1.
SYDNEY Australia's federal government has approved a plan to open up the nation's AS1 billion ($720 million) recorded music industry to international competition, which could see prices drop as much as $5 per disc, by abolishing copyright laws that allow only majors EMI, Warners, Polygram, BMG and Sony to import CDs.
Request for Proposal are invited for Providing unskilled labourers for day to day maintenance of Archaeological Museum in respect of AS1, Goa Circle at Old Goa.
leg press at REST, AS1 and AS2, and for the bench at REST, AS1, AS2, AS3 and 5mA, pre- and post-training periods were compared (Fig.