AS11After September 11
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Con la evaluacion del sonido se determino que los apoyos AS1, AS11 y AN1 tienen todos sus componentes macizos con espesor de 26 mm, el apoyo AN11 reporto un sonido hueco en sus placas internas las cuales por ultrasonido dieron un espesor de 9,7 mm.
Separation was performed on the IonPack AS11 analytical column (4 x 250 mm; Dionex) connected to the IonPack AG11 guard column (5 x 50 mm; Dionex), using a linear gradient of A: 100 mL of 50 mmol/L sodium hydroxide in 900 mL water; and B: 50 mmol/L sodium hydroxide, at a flow of 2.
To support emerging broadcast standards, a new Aspera AS11 media file format validation plug-in integrates with the Metaglue toolkit for automatic post-transfer file verification in Aspera Transfer Servers and Clients, and as an automation step using Orchestrator.