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AS2Applicability Statement 2 (IETF)
AS2Angel Second Class (It's A Wonderful Life)
AS2Aviation Support Equipment Technician Second Class (Naval Rating)
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Aerion announced in December 2017 that it was joining forces with GE Aviation and Lockheed Martin to develop the AS2 business jet.
Our confidence in the aerodynamics and performance of the AS2 is very high, borne out by extensive subsonic and supersonic wind tunnel tests, and by flight testing of natural laminar flow airfoils on NASA's F-15B at speeds up to Mach 2.
Out of the 15 products from 11 global software companies that were Drummond Certified(TM) in this test event, Cleo solutions continue to be the only products to pass all optional certification tests for AS2.
With the addition of AS2 message support, customers can use this single solution for all their file transmission needs, while eliminating redundant transfer tools and saving on yearly maintenance costs.
Five key differences between the requirements of AS5 and AS2 are outlined below: 1) the degree of auditor discretion in identification of material weaknesses; 2) the top-down versus bottom-up approach in audit planning; 3) the scalability of the audit; 4) the ability to rely on the work of others; and 5) the requirement for walkthroughs of significant transactions.
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), allows companies to break the chains of AS2 and, ideally, embrace the new "risk-based, top-down" approach ushered in with much ballyhooing by both the PCAOB and SEC.
The real question, of course, is whether the interpretive guidance and changes to AS2 will quiet business groups who have pushed for Section 404 simplification, such as the U.
Morgan Foods also meets retailer AS2 connectivity mandates with BizManager, Inovis' Internet EDI solution for exchanging purchase orders, invoices ,and other business documents with trading partners over the Internet.
AS2 lets suppliers and retailers trade EDI documents across a public network, something that can't be done with EDI.
Sterling's AS2 Edition solution monitors each AS2 transaction to detect possible transmission failures and then automatically resends any undelivered message via a preferred alternative route specified by each individual customer.
Through bypassing third party value-added networks, through which traditional EDI messages are routed, AS2 makes communications faster because the connection is "always on", said Haywood.
Business integration solutions provider Sterling Commerce has released its Sterling Integrator AS2 Edition for transmitting business information.