AS3Arctic Silver 3 (thermal compound)
AS3Aviation Support Equipment Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
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Better results are obtained processing the subset AS3 (Figure 7(c)), where lower recognition rates are shown for complex gestures: golf swing and pickup and throw.
AS3 Spaulding was equally impressed with the meal and Supply Department's major role in planning, preparing and executing it.
Simulation Description AS1 All passive AS2 All active AS3 All DC = 0.
Audit performance-technical competence, due care, and professional skepticism; fraud procedures; AS3 documentation; related party transactions; financial statement disclosures; appropriate audit test procedures; effectiveness of concurring partner reviews as outsourced.
A second possible cause is sampling error; the Datex AS3 samples from the pharyngeal catheter at a rate of approximately 200 m1/minute.
The LOS-account opening platform already can be used with verification solutions from other providers, as well as with Experian's older AS3 tools, giving credit unions a choice of suppliers, the Costa Mesa, Calif.
OXA-23]-positive Acinetobacter baumannii clinical isolates * Date of Isolate Origin isolation Specimen EC 240 France 2003 Dec Tracheal II aspirate 512 Tahiti 2004 Mar Tracheal II aspirate 761 Vietnam 2005 May Bile II 810 New 2004 Jun Blood II Caledonia 863 Thailand 2006 Jun Urine II 883 Reunion 2006 Jun Unknown II Ab13 France 2004 Jun Urine II AUS Australia 2004 Oct Urine II 859 South 2006 Jan Urine II Africa 585 France 2004 Jul Tracheal II aspirate 614 Libya 2004 Oct Unknown I AS3 UAE ([dagger]) 2006 Oct Blood I 1190 Bahrain 2008 Mar Blood I AS1 UAE 2006 Jul Blood I Ab14 Algeria 2004 Dec Unknown I 910 Reunion 2006 Oct Unknown I 861 Egypt 2005 Nov Sputum I BEL Belgium 2007 Jul Respiratory I tract DOS France 2004 May Unknown -- 877 Brazil 2006 Jul Wound -- Copy no.
As the AS3, CPT Baker was the lead planner and had two critical and connecting tasks.
Segun lo expresado por los funcionarios entrevistados, despues de la reforma del sistema nacional de salud de 1993 no ha habido una adecuada articulacion en estas funciones y se percibe la falta de una entidad rectora que cuente con los recursos legales y administrativos para llevar a cabo la direccion, la asistencia tecnica y la evaluacion de las actividades relacionadas con el tema (cuadro 3: P3; cuadro 4: AS3, AS4).
The first two issues of the magazine include articles and features on Adobe AIR and getting started with most of the API's, a tutorial on the AS3 Display List, Flash client-server communication, developing a mini-blog using Flash, object-oriented programming, Google maps in Flex, desktop applications, modular Flash applications, fundamentals of display, database interaction and using Socket class to connect to an SMTP server to send mail directly from Flash.
AS3 requires registered accounting firms to prepare and retain documentation under the PCAOB rules.
As an example, the reaction between DAF and AS3 produced the water-sensitive precursor P3, which was the product of the addition of the amine groups from DAF to the epoxide groups from AS3.