AS3Arctic Silver 3 (thermal compound)
AS3Aviation Support Equipment Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
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AB is the sum of the items in the following subscales: CA, PS, AS1, AS2, AS3, and AG.
The product helps increase development productivity not only due to its faster AS3 compiler, but also due to perfect implementation of standard intelligent coding facilities: code completion, syntax coloring, error detection, highlighting and reporting, powerful build system, simple and effective resource management.
AS3 has a very strong presence in the Nordic region.
Feed the Rocker was developed using APE, (Actionscript Physics Engine) a free AS3 open source 2D physics engine for use in Flash and Flex, released under the MIT License and written by Alex Cove.
In addition, it enables GXS to deploy new communications protocols, such as AS3, faster and cheaper than any customer could on its own.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- DBM, a leading global outplacement, coaching, and career management firm, and AS3 Companies today announce that AS3 has become a Global Partner of DBM to market and provide services in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
The GXS Trading Grid(SM), GXS' unique global integration platform that enables and streamlines cross-enterprise business processes, supports a variety of Internet-based communications protocols including HTTP/S, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, AS2, AS3 and OFTP.
Multiple development options including REST, JavaScript and AS3 (Flash/Flex).
Flash programmers, on the other hand, use the Flypaper SDK to import their custom AS3 code into Flypaper for use as components by non-technical users.
Inovis solutions work with legacy systems and also embrace the latest technology and standards such as AS2, AS3, and emerging XML requirements.
Clone a Host authorizes the following host types: MOVEit DMZ, FTP, SSH, SMTP, POP3, AS1, AS2 and AS3.
Axway, the leading global provider of multi-enterprise solutions and infrastructure, today announced that Axway Gateway, Axway Gateway Interchange and Axway Endpoint Activator have been certified for AS3 Interoperability by Drummond Group, Inc.