AS5Arctic Silver 5 (thermal paste)
AS5Auditing Standard 5 (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board)
AS5Application Switch 5 (Radware)
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AS5, which assumed all users behaved with a dampening coefficient of 0.
The AS5 contains a helicopter flight simulator, virtual recruiting stations, surgical Wii games, and the popular simulation mannequin.
Moeller, an internal audit specialist and project manager, offers an overview of SOx as well as the new internal control rules for auditors, including AS5, CobiT, and ITIL.
Where AS2 was viewed as limiting independent auditors' exercise of professional judgment by setting forth mandatory requirements for conducting the audit of internal control, AS5 permits the auditor to refocus its audit on the areas where, in the auditor's judgment, there are the most significant risks.
For example, the data for the level 1 control goes in cell range AS5 to AS104 (that is, AS5.
Because of the excessive resources required of both registered accounting firms and public companies to comply with this standard, AS2 was superseded by AS5.
For example, AS5 allows management to consider ongoing supervisory and monitoring activities as providing evidence of control effectiveness, potentially reducing the amount of separate management testing required.
These results illustrate a dismal and discouraging reality for American businesses, and the anticipated benefits related to the reforms created by management guidance and AS5 have done little to change this outlook.
AS5 Implement a security awareness and training program for all members of its workforce (including management).
Among the isolates resistant to rifampin by BACTEC DST, the rpoB mutations detected by the line probe included 20 (61%) R5 (Ser531Leu), 8 (24%) R2 (Asp516Val), 1 (3%) R4b (His526Asp), and 1 (3%) AS5 (absence of hybridization to 1 wildtype sequence).
AS5 complements the SEC interpretive guidance to management and includes the following key points:
He and I also discussed the PCAOB's AS2, which was a very controversial standard that has been replaced with AS5.