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ASARAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASARAs Soon As Reasonable
ASARAir Search and Rescue (air distress aid)
ASARAntenna Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASARAs operated Safety Analysis Report
ASARAmerican Society of Academic Researchers
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Our wide-ranging local and international expertise through world-class business deals, such as the Harsco joint venture, backed by a highly developed pool of diversified lawyers in the industry, raises the firm's credibility in assuring top quality Bahrain legal advice," ASAR Bahrain senior associate Ali Asghar Sheikh said.
He added that Asar was also absent from the Arab Championship as he was in a training camp in China.
Asar said people with physical challenges have a keen sense of loyalty and dedication to their work.
The five prayers (fajr, zuhur, asar, maghrib, and isha) are speard around the 24 hours based on astronomical position of the sun.
Both parents and four of their children were killed and four other siblings were wounded in the blast near the village of Asar Madakhel, about 45kms west of Miranshah, the main town of the restive North Waziristan tribal district late on Saturday.
Based on the ancient Egyptian myth of Ausir, (17) Osiris Rising tells the story of Asar, an African and Ast, an African-American lady, and their comrades, as they strive to make emerge a new African personality to tackle African liberation issues and problems.
Quite naturally you want to get rid of it ASAR You don't want to wait for the approval of the National Inventory Control Point (NICP), and chances are, you don't have to.
Se espera que la produccion de pollos para asar en Brasil aumente en un seis por ciento en el 2005 debido a una revitalizacion en el consumo domestico y en la continua expansion de las exportaciones, segun un informe elaborado por el Servicio Exterior de Agricultura Norteamericano (FAS, por sus siglas en ingles).
Indeed, we find another such instance of calquing in the dialect in the numeral [s]ys asar, 'sixteen', which occurs in the following passage (lines 1-5) in an inscription from the Wadi Beni Musa: [VBYS]YS ASAR LIIYRA CHIRVR SATH MIGIN INSEB MES SIS CHON BY-CNIM CHI VR SOREM Y, "[And on the si]xteenth of the month of Kirur, <in> the year of Miggin, he erected here the statue of Sis (studded) with lapis-lazuli stones, for she is the light of Tyrians.
Asar Mashkoor, head of investment banking at QInvest, who signed the agreement on behalf of their respective organizations at Proclad offices.
Contract Awarded for of the Department of DE-zce Forest Enterprises, Asar Forest Management Units 162, 163 and 164 Code No.