ASARECAAssociation for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and Central Africa
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To better contribute to its goal and that of the CAADP agenda, particularly Pillar 4 on improved agricultural research, ASARECA seeks to strengthen and empower farmer organisations, through its Knowledge Management and Up-Scaling (KMUS) programme, to articulate their demands and better utilize agricultural research and development services.
Capacity building in agricultural development, including by ASARECA, has mostly focused on research and extension organisations; very little attention has been given to farmer organisations.
The project is a priority intervention area under the strategic theme on 'Capacity development for agricultural product value chain actors' in the KMUS programme strategy 2009-2014 and contributes to the programme and ASARECA purpose 'Enhanced utilisation of agricultural technologies and innovations in East and Central Africa'.
Odette Kayitesi, said ASARECA is one of the leading partners of Burundi that are committed to providing technical and financial support to the country to fight hunger, malnutrition and poverty.
Opio said the theme of the 2nd General Assembly and Scientific Conference: Transforming Agriculture for Economic Growth in Eastern and Central Africa , was chosen because ASARECA sees improved delivery and impact of scientific knowledge, policy options and technologies as powerful instruments to drive the sub-region towards economic growth, poverty reduction, eradication of hunger and enhancement of sustainable use of resources.
Jagwe J and R Nyapendi Evaluating the marketing opportunities for soybean and its products in the East African countries of ASARECA.