ASARSAdvanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System (US DoD)
ASARSAirborne Search and Rescue System
ASARSAutomated Schedule and Reporting System
ASARSArmy Small Arms Requirement Study
ASARSAutomated Stopper and Referrals System (US DoD)
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Both WTSI and ASARS are subsidiaries of ASRC Federal Holding Company.
While ASARS has no responsibility for program property or equipment disposition subsequent to its turnover to the Government, ASARS properly provided all required equipment to US contracting representatives for further distribution.
Slattery continued, "We certainly can attest that ASARS constructed the Taji site in accordance with the Government's negotiated requirements, the site was a fully functional training facility that was properly managed for the duration of the contract period, and all students assigned to the facility were competently trained.
The Chairman and CEO of ASRC Federal Holding, ASARS' parent company, Rich Ambrose said, "I am confident that the ASARS team did an excellent job for the U.
Loral originally designed the ASARS 1A radar in the late 1980s for the SR-71 reconnaissance aircraft, also built by Lockheed.