ASAWAAssociation for the Advancement of Women in Africa (est. 1985)
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After dark on March 18th, artist Ruth Asawa and her friends installed the mermaid sculpture Andrea in Halprin's fountain.
As singer Asawa puts it, "I don't like to think of the countertenor voice as something sexually weird, but because we're singing in this higher, treble, `female' register, it becomes something unusual or something sexually ambiguous.
Past winners include Elizabeth Futral, Ana Maria Martinez, Maki Mori, John Osborn and Brian Asawa.
A few rungs down the ladder you'll find young gay artists like countertenor Brian Asawa and pianist Jean-Yves Thibaudet.
Little Kids Rock will train at least 25 Bay Area teachers this weekend at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts and donate instruments, curriculum and accompanying resources to the teachers' schools thereafter.
We appointed Amit Asawa, a former Rajasthan player, as coach," he explained.
Countertenor Brian Asawa, the only holdover from Seattle's Xerxes cast, sang the treacherous Tolomeo with cold, brittle lyricism.
Operatic countertenor Brian Asawa shares some intriguing characteristics with his peers
Sculptor Ruth Asawa, who made puppets for Roberts, cradled one of them in her arms.
Decca does it up proud with this star-studded cast, including Giuseppe Sabbatini, Cecilia Bartoli, Natalie Dessay and Brian Asawa.
Countertenor Brian Asawa (Tolomeo) was simultaneously menacing, silly (he rode around the stage on a stick horse) and strongvoiced, while Canadian countertenor Matthew White, a Cesare and Tolomeo in other outings, often sang with fuller and more pointed tone than his fellow falsettists as Cleopatra's confidant, Nireno.